Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my Blog, if you came here you most likely did for that stuff above, luckily you came to the right place. I will be updating frequently with new information regarding GPT Sites, this will range from tips to news on GPT Sites (mostly Tips). Today I want to introduce you to my fav. GPT Site, Cashcrate. Here are their "specs"

Offers: Good Approval Rating (meaning you'll get credit when you actually do an offer), Wide selection of offers (over 15 pages worth).

Daily Surveys: Usually good availability of new surveys, good payout for the surveys

Referral System:
Bronze Level (0 Referrals):
1st Level: 20%
2nd Level: 10%

Silver Level (50 Referrals):
1st Level: 25%
2nd Level: 10%

Gold Level (150 Referrals)
1st Level: 25%
2nd Level: 15%

Silver Level (300 Referrals)
1st Level: 30%
2nd Level:15%

Platinum Level (500 Referrals)
1st Level: 30%
2nd Level: 20%

As you can see the referral system is very good and might be the best part of this site, although every part of it is good :).

Shopping: They also offer an excellent shopping system for a GPT Site. For those that don't know this is basically a rebate when you shop at certain stores. They offer a good selection with sites such as Wal-Mart, NFL Shop, and even iTunes.

Contests: There is usually a couple of monthlong contests each month (offers, referrals) that can earn you from $10-$250 extra!!!

As you can see this is an excellent site with much to offer for its users and I highly recommend you to sign up for this site.

Still skeptical? Check the I got paid thread in the official cashcrate forums. I Got Paid.


Thursday, December 31, 2009

New GPT Site

Okay, guys I have another gpt site that is legit in making money online. The gpt site is called simplegpt. I will do the listing just like what I did with cashcrate but specifically I will compare it to cashcrate.

Offers: SimpleGPT has just as good of an approval rating of offers as Cashcrate, just as good of a selection of offers, but SimpleGPT's offer payouts are more while most of Cashcrate's are just $.25 SimpleGPT's are mostly $0.50. SimpleGPT wins.

Daily Surveys: SimpleGPT doesn't currently offer Daily Surveys. Cashcrate wins by default.

Referral System: This is where cashcrate has SimpleGPT beat.

This is there referral system:

1st Level: 15%
2nd Level: No second level.

See compare that to cashcrate and that's nothing so in this category: Cashcrate wins.

Shopping: SimpleGPT doesn't currently offer shopping. Cashcrate wins by default.

Contests: SimpleGPT easily beats Cashcrate. Not only do they always have one monthly long contest for three big prizes like iPods, PSPs, and currently a Wii, but also have little offer contests sprinkled in for bonus money.

Misc.: A negative that I should tell you is that SimpleGPT only pays in giftcards, they do this so that you can earn more money for payout (advertisers pay more since it isn't actual money). It wasn't a big deal for me as they offer good choices of cards such as eBay GCs, Amazon GCs, Target GCs, Walmart GCs, Visa GCs, and if these don't float your boat then you can custom order a GC of your choice from any site or any place.

Liking what you hear well click on the banner below to get taken right to the site.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to complete offers

Today I will be going over how to complete offers and make money on these gpt sites(this is specifically for e-mail/zip submits)
1. Pick an offer (click on offer word/phrase)
2. Fill out info using Roboform (don't have to if don't want to, personally, I don't but you can) and gmail.
3. Hit all no's and skip on all pages, but fill out info and submit 1 offer (if offer requires it, personally I always do offers that don't require you to pay for anything). If offer doesn't require it then you don't have to do it. Also, when it says you have to click one offer just say yes to 1 then skip on next page.
4. Once you get to the page at the end that has bronze/silver/gold offers or something like that click on 1-2 of them (helps offer credit). Let those pages load and leave them there for 1-2 minutes.
5. Close all pages (that had to do with offer, you don't have to close out anything else you were doing)
6. Click submit/done on the site.
7. Wait at least a day for approval (depending on the site, it is usually within the hour)

Okay, that's it till tomorrow. I will be showing another tip on making money on these gpt sites.

Here's the link to one of the best gpt sites, Cashcrate if you don't want to scroll down.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey Guys

Sorry Guys, been a little busy with school and track and not been able to update. Oh yea, I'll probably end up only updating once a week.

Today's Tips are for both offers and referrals.

Offers- If you sign up for more than one site make sure you don't do the same offer twice, advertisers don't want to pay for more than one sign up of the same person. For obvious reasons.

Referrals - If your a member of at least one forum, place your referral link in your signature in those forums. That's how I've gotten a few people to sign up under me.

That's all for now until at the most one week from now when I give you more tips on making money online.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Offer Tip

I am posting again to make up for not making another post yesterday about gpt sites and making money online.

When doing an offer it is recommended that you turn your pop up blocker off, because often times advertisers will have pop ups that show you their sponsors and other things.

Here are the links to the GPT Sites:

What are you waiting for sign up for these sites and start making money today.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Offer Tip

If you don't know already in order to make money on these gpt sites you have to do offers. A great tip to do these offers added on to clearing cookies is changing your e-mail address for every offer you do.

Yes, this means make a whole bunch of different e-mail addresses just to do offers with. A site I use mainly is The reason why I use them the most is a certain trick that you can do with this site. This is the trick:

Let's say you make a new e-mail addresses and the address is

Instead of having to make an entirely new e-mail address after you use this one you can do this trick
As you can see I put a period after the 1, this tricks the offer site into thinking that it is an entirely new address which it isn't. Best yet, it still gets sent to your inbox.

I wouldn't try this with any offer site because it hasn't been confirmed yet and you don't want to get tagged with fraud.

Until tommorow with more tips on making money online with this gpt site.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Today's Tip

Okay, sorry guys I have been a little busy with school and not been able to update.

I am back with a tip on how to make money with offers, today it has to do with cookies:

Make sure to clear your cookies before you are about to do an offer and after, do it every single time!!!

You can clear cookies through these two methods:
Tools, Options, Privacy, Show Cookies, Remove All Cookies
Also, you can clear your cache by going to tools, clear private data, and check only cache.

IE7:Tools, Delete Browsing History, Delete cookies, when prompted click yes, (for cache) delete files

IE6:Tools, Internet Options, Delete cookies, when prompted click ok, (for cache) delete files, click ok, click ok again.

Also, though not completely necessary you can clear cookies than close your browser.

Until tomorrow, with more tips on how to make money online with gpt sites.

Check forums for extra help!!!

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