Thursday, December 31, 2009

New GPT Site

Okay, guys I have another gpt site that is legit in making money online. The gpt site is called simplegpt. I will do the listing just like what I did with cashcrate but specifically I will compare it to cashcrate.

Offers: SimpleGPT has just as good of an approval rating of offers as Cashcrate, just as good of a selection of offers, but SimpleGPT's offer payouts are more while most of Cashcrate's are just $.25 SimpleGPT's are mostly $0.50. SimpleGPT wins.

Daily Surveys: SimpleGPT doesn't currently offer Daily Surveys. Cashcrate wins by default.

Referral System: This is where cashcrate has SimpleGPT beat.

This is there referral system:

1st Level: 15%
2nd Level: No second level.

See compare that to cashcrate and that's nothing so in this category: Cashcrate wins.

Shopping: SimpleGPT doesn't currently offer shopping. Cashcrate wins by default.

Contests: SimpleGPT easily beats Cashcrate. Not only do they always have one monthly long contest for three big prizes like iPods, PSPs, and currently a Wii, but also have little offer contests sprinkled in for bonus money.

Misc.: A negative that I should tell you is that SimpleGPT only pays in giftcards, they do this so that you can earn more money for payout (advertisers pay more since it isn't actual money). It wasn't a big deal for me as they offer good choices of cards such as eBay GCs, Amazon GCs, Target GCs, Walmart GCs, Visa GCs, and if these don't float your boat then you can custom order a GC of your choice from any site or any place.

Liking what you hear well click on the banner below to get taken right to the site.