Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to complete offers

Today I will be going over how to complete offers and make money on these gpt sites(this is specifically for e-mail/zip submits)
1. Pick an offer (click on offer word/phrase)
2. Fill out info using Roboform (don't have to if don't want to, personally, I don't but you can) and gmail.
3. Hit all no's and skip on all pages, but fill out info and submit 1 offer (if offer requires it, personally I always do offers that don't require you to pay for anything). If offer doesn't require it then you don't have to do it. Also, when it says you have to click one offer just say yes to 1 then skip on next page.
4. Once you get to the page at the end that has bronze/silver/gold offers or something like that click on 1-2 of them (helps offer credit). Let those pages load and leave them there for 1-2 minutes.
5. Close all pages (that had to do with offer, you don't have to close out anything else you were doing)
6. Click submit/done on the site.
7. Wait at least a day for approval (depending on the site, it is usually within the hour)

Okay, that's it till tomorrow. I will be showing another tip on making money on these gpt sites.

Here's the link to one of the best gpt sites, Cashcrate if you don't want to scroll down.