Saturday, February 28, 2009

Offer Tip

If you don't know already in order to make money on these gpt sites you have to do offers. A great tip to do these offers added on to clearing cookies is changing your e-mail address for every offer you do.

Yes, this means make a whole bunch of different e-mail addresses just to do offers with. A site I use mainly is The reason why I use them the most is a certain trick that you can do with this site. This is the trick:

Let's say you make a new e-mail addresses and the address is

Instead of having to make an entirely new e-mail address after you use this one you can do this trick
As you can see I put a period after the 1, this tricks the offer site into thinking that it is an entirely new address which it isn't. Best yet, it still gets sent to your inbox.

I wouldn't try this with any offer site because it hasn't been confirmed yet and you don't want to get tagged with fraud.

Until tommorow with more tips on making money online with this gpt site.